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Michelle Simm​ons Counseling PLLC

Your Healing is Within Reach

The mission of Michelle Simmons Counseling Group is to provide evidence based outpatient therapeutic services to individuals and families from diverse backgrounds in a safe and compassionate manner.

At Michelle Simmons Counseling Group, we believe that everyone deserves healing from what troubles them and you don’t need to figure things out on your own. In our supportive, private therapy practice we work with a broad spectrum of clients and treatment approaches. Our practice uses a collaborative approach with traces of humor to help accomplish your therapeutic goals. Whether it is for you or your loved one, expect to be treated with compassion and respect. Your healing is within reach.

Areas of Need That We Treat


Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders



Our Goal

We strive to improve mental health and quality of life by promoting healing and resilience. By focusing on strengths, we treat trauma and other mental health conditions by collaborating with you. We believe in whole health and do so by starting where you are.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou

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